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Car Control Clinics Help Reduce Juvenile Traffic Offender Numbers

The city of Henderson, Nevada has experience a reduction in the number of traffic citations issued to young drivers by over 30 percent since 2007. The city's partnership with American Traffic Academy (ATA), has also lead to a reduction in repeat offenders.

Henderson Municipal Court Judge Diana Hampton teamed up with ATA to create a half day, hands-on car control clinic. Most young traffic offenders cited in Henderson are required to attend instead of paying their traffic fines. The goal of the program is to modify the long term driving behaviors of young inexperienced drivers while teaching them life-saving collision avoidance skills they might not learn in drivers education or from parents. The clinics have made a big impact, graduating over 1,750 at risk drivers. Read Full Story

Teen Drivers Prone To 'g-force' Errors

A study conducted by the National Institute of Health (NIH), sought to investigate why newly licensed teenagers have many more accidents than adults. They have zeroed in on the elevated gravitational forces, or "g-forces," caused by braking late, swerving abruptly and other common new-driver mistakes. The study followed 42 newly licensed teens and 55 parents operating the same vehicles.

Over the study period of just three weeks, the teens experienced higher rates of crashes or near-crashes compared with parents -- 37 crashes and 242 near-crashes versus just 2 crashes and 32 close-calls among the adults. The study concluded that it can take years before accident risk of teens finally matches that of experienced adult drivers, the study said. Read Full Story

Consumers Are Drawn To Products With A Charitable Connection

July 18, 2011 -- (USA Today) American consumers are increasingly motivated to buy products that have a connection to a particular charitable or social cause. In one recent survey, consumers ranked "purpose" as a significantly more important reason to buy a product than design, innovation or brand loyalty, when quality and price are the same. More tellingly, nearly half of respondents ranked "social purpose" as the No. 1 factor.

"The best companies are using a variety of models. But what they all have in common is a compelling and relevant initiative, and they're making it transparent through comprehensive communications off and online," says Cone. "They're authentic, in it for the long term and provide deeper engagement levels for consumers with the goal of leaving a legacy to the community." Read Full Story

New Study Shows Most Teen Drivers Admitted To Being Involved In Near Collision

A new study conducted by Liberty Mutual Insurance and Students Against Drunk Drivers reported that out of 2000 students surveyed, 68% of them have narrowly escaped a crash. More than half of those, stated that they had avoided a crash more than once in the past year. According to the study, only after being involved in a collision do teens change their driving habits. Most teens admitted to distracted driving and/or speeding. To read the entire article visit USA Today.

Arizona Court Refuses To Drop Accident Liability

Apr. 5, 2011--(Associated Press)--The Arizona Supreme Court is refusing to dump a legal doctrine that generally holds a person liable for auto accidents involving a family member allowed to use the person's vehicle.

The unanimous decision on Tuesday, April 5, 2011 upholds lower courts' rulings that: a teenager's parents are liable for an accident that caused serious injuries to another driver.

It occurred after the teen drove friends around although his parents had told him after a previous accident that he could only drive to school, church or work. The parents argued that Arizona should drop the so-called "family purpose doctrine" on vehicle accident liability.

But the Supreme Court's ruling says the 92-year-old doctrine is firmly entrenched in Arizona law and isn't unfair or overly burdensome.

This is a warning to parents everywhere to make sure they understand that they can and will be held responsible for their children's actions while driving the family car. It's a reminder that their teenagers should get as much driver education as possible before driving on their own or with others in the vehicle

The best way to ensure your teens quickly become Better, Safer Drivers is to have them complete one of our effective, LOW COST hands-on car control and collision avoidance driving clinics held regularly in Phoenix, Las Vegas and elsewhere. Contact Robert at 480-659-9102 for more information.

Inaugural Defensive Driving Program Date Announced

Phoenix, AZ, February 21, 2011 --(, an organization dedicated to improving the car control & collision avoidance driving skills of motorists of all ages announces it has scheduled it's inaugural driving clinic date in Phoenix. and its automotive sponsor, Chapman Mazda will conduct an effective, low cost emergency reactions skills driving clinic on Sunday, March 27th, 2011 at the Turf Paradise Horse Track facility located on the SE corner of Bell Rd. and 19th Avenue in Phoenix.

The $199 cost of the half-day clinic includes the use of school cars in which all hands-on exercises will be conducted. No need to worry about hurting the family car. Exercises including panic braking & steering, sudden lane change evasion maneuvers and wet surface skid control will follow an hour-long classroom session. The bulk of the student's time is spent in the cars practicing critical advanced car control techniques.

Graduates may qualify for additional auto insurance discounts.

Chapman Mazda Partners with
To Produce Life Saving Car Control Clinics.

Phoenix, AZ, March 3, 2011 --( Chapman Mazda is pleased to announce that it has teamed up with locally owned to produce effective hands-on Advanced Car Control Clinics in the Phoenix area. Held in huge parking lots, the low cost driving clinics are designed to teach essential emergency reaction and collision avoidance driving skills to Valley motorists of all ages and skill level with special emphasis on young drivers.

Jesse McMahan, General Manager for Chapman Mazda, stated "If we can help save lives by encouraging participation in the program, we want to do our part by supplying vehicles for participants to drive during the clinic.”

"Car crashes remain the number one cause of death and serious injury among people 3 to 34 years of age”, says Robert Prevost, Founder & CEO of "Until now, Advanced Driver Education Clinics like these were priced way out of most family’s financial reach. Teaming up with Chapman Mazda allows us to offer these public safety programs to an even larger audience for less than $200.” adds Prevost.

The next clinic will be held at Turf Paradise, 15th Ave. & Bell Rd., on Sunday morning, March 27th. More Car Control Clinics will be held on weekends throughout the year.

Chapman Mazda is a member of the Chapman Automotive Group and rated the #1 Mazda dealer in customer satisfaction in the State. With over 20 dealerships in Arizona and Nevada representing more than 15 top automotive brands, the Chapman Automotive Group has a long history of contributing to the community’s well being by actively supporting a variety of causes that positively impact its citizen’s everyday lives is an American Traffic Academy company that specializes in conducting hands-on car control & collision avoidance driving clinics in Arizona, Nevada and California. The company’s mission is to improve motorists’ emergency reaction and collision avoidance driving skills in an effort to make them Better, Safer Drivers

For additional driving clinic information, please contact Robert Prevost, , call 480-659-9102 ext. 203 or visit our websites at or to sign up for an exciting half day of professional advanced driving instruction.