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Accidents in Fleet Vehicles

Distracted driving is the #1 cause of car crashes. Intersections are the most dangerous places on the roads.

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Car Control Clinics For Fleets

The American Traffic Academy dba BetterSaferDrivers.com is a provider of hands-on Car Control and Collision Avoidance driving clinics.

Accidents in Fleet Vehicles

Have all your company fleet car drivers or cabbies complete this half day, hands-on driving clinic for as little as $125 per person. Weekday or weekend programs available.

At these super low prices, you can’t afford not complete this car control program.

Accidents in Fleet Vehicles

Used in conjunction with your company’s existing driver education programs, our car control clinics feature 45 minutes of instruction on vehicle dynamics and a full three hours of hands-on driving exercises in our own school vehicles. Exercises include:

  • Emergency/Panic Braking and Braking and Steering
  • Emergency lane change and Collision Evasion Maneuvers
  • Wet surface skid control & skid recovery
  • Distracted driving simulated street course
  • And more

There’s no wear and tear on your cars and your employees or cabbies will come away better safer drivers. The program fees can be paid by the company or by the employees or cabbies themselves. All new employees should be required to complete this truly inexpensive driving clinic within the first 90 days of their hiring.

Car crashes are the # 1 cause of deaths and injuries in the workplace. 42,000 DEATHS - 2.2 MILLION INJURIES - 6 MILLION CAR COLLISIONS

We’ll help your company reduce inattentive driving by recommending the implementation of a few common sense rules that will eliminate many of the distractions. By making your employees or cabbies better, safer drivers, we’ll reduce the number of accidents they’re involved in, reduce injuries to passengers and the associated liability issues, lower your repair costs and equipment damage and minimize accident related personnel down time. Additionally, completing our program may potentially reduce the auto insurance premiums you currently pay.

BetterSaferDrivers.com is the exclusive provider of alternative sentencing program to the cities of Henderson and Boulder City. All traffic offenders in those cities, age 16-25 must complete our program

We are members in good standing of the National Safety Council, the Nevada Professional Driving School Association and the Driving School Association of the Americas. We train all of the Clark County School District Drivers Ed teachers for free to give them a better understanding of the importance of improving car control techniques in everyday driving situations and an edge in their classroom.

Every instructor at BetterSaferDrivers.com is a veteran of the specialty driving industry with years of high performance driving or police driving academy teaching experience

In a bad economy, increasing revenues can be difficult but reducing expenses can be much easier

Our Car Control and Collision Avoidance clinics can reduce your fleet operating costs, improve your company’s public image and offer great marketing opportunities by emphasizing that:

As an employer and fleet operator, “You really care about your employee’s safety and wellbeing

As a cab company “Getting your passengers safely to their destination is your top priority”.

For more information please contact our program specialists at BetterSaferDrivers.com.

In Nevada: 702-272-1099 ext. 202
In Arizona: 480-659-9102 ext. 202